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For starters, check out our list of common second date mistakes. Dates are all about first impressions; that’s why we often tend to dress a bit smarter than usual on a first date, and try hard to come across as intelligent and charming.

That’s ok; everyone does it, and there’s nothing wrong with trying to present the best of you on a first date.

Gender roles aside, always offer to pay, split the bill, etc. If you didn’t expressly ask to see them again, don’t assume it’s over.

Offer to get them something if you are ordering at a counter and at different times because they have already arrived. Don’t expect the other person to hand a date offer to you. Things may have gone really great, but you don’t want to exhaust your first meeting.

Use these clues to maintain your momentum with your next online first date. Ways to make a good first impression include looking put together and clean, being on time, smiling, using a firm handshake or warm hug, making eye contact, practicing good posture and being able to start a conversation. Make sure your body language is open and comfortable.

Watch for arms crossed over chests or making your overall body space smaller by hunching.

You’ll be right back where you started and will have wasted everyone’s time. I hear from a lot of daters when they come back from dates, “I just didn’t get the feeling he/she was that into it.” This is the saddest reason for a dating prospect to die. Make sure you verbally say, “I’m having a great time! It shows you aren’t selfish or expectant – two things that make for undesirable partners. It works for hiking, restaurants, museums, coffee shops, etc.If you’re a woman you’ll look like a gold-digger, and if you’re a man you’ll look like a free-loader.Either way, you probably won’t be going on a third date.Pictures paint a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean it is always an accurate predictor of how someone will look in person.Take special care that your pictures reflect how you look in real life at this moment.

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Therefore, your second date is not an appropriate time to forget your table manners, turn up looking a mess, or admit that you’ve forgotten what your date does for a living.

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  1. Maybe it’s because how you smell is so hyper-personal that it left people feeling vulnerable. You become defensive – whether that’s by judging other people more vehemently that you’re being judged yourself, or by finding reasons and excuses to explain why they’ve succeeded when you’ve failed.