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In order to obtain a divorce in North Carolina, the parties must be separated for a period of at least one year prior to applying to the court for a divorce.

A married couple in North Carolina is considered “legally separated” by the court at the time at which the parties move into separate residences with at least one spouse having the intention to remain separated indefinitely.

However, one spouse cannot prevent the other spouse from seeking a divorce, so long as the minimum separation period of one year has been satisfied.

A “legal separation” in North Carolina is different than in other states.

Alternatively, it is often advisable to incorporate custody and child support terms into an agreement that is submitted for approval by the presiding family court judge.

Once entered by the judge, such agreement is called a “Consent Court Order.” A legal separation established by a contract where the parties agree to live separate and apart, but not necessarily to ever divorce, can usually be reversed simply upon an actual resumption of the marital relationship.

However, some individuals may wish to remain legally separated and never actually divorce.

The former concludes in a final judgment dissolving the marriage, while the latter can usually be reversed simply by entering into a new agreement with your spouse and/or resuming living together as a married couple.While friends and family will offer their opinions, this is a highly personal decision and every situation is unique.Take the time to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each.Here are a few of the more common reasons couples choose to remain legally separated over getting divorced: N. In North Carolina, divorce may be a better option for those who know that reconciliation is neither likely nor desirable upon completion of the first year of separation.Here are a couple of common reasons why divorce may be the preferred option to an indefinite legal separation in North Carolina: In any event, a physical separation of at least one year is required before either spouse can file for a divorce.

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