Delicious network not updating

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I hope this Multisite database tour has been helpful and informative.Each set of tables is differentiated by the blog_id for the subsite used in the table prefix. This has never been implemented in Word Press itself, but can be managed using a plugin like WP Multi Network or Networks for Word Press.When you upgrade the version of Word Press your site is running there are sometimes database changes.The database classes the network itself as a site (wp_site), and each subsite as a blog (wp_blogs).Certain tables are used only by a subsite, and a new set of tables are created every time a site is added to the network. The following tables are subsite specific: This table will contain the one network for the installation although the table is structured to allow multiple networks in one database.

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This table records the database version of each blog in the network, so Word Press knows which blogs need the upgrade and updates it after it has been run.

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