Delphi 7 updating

Okay, so on the wizard there are only two options that may need to be changed from their defaults.The first is the palette page, which I’ll be leaving as default “Active X”, this parameter specifies the palette page (or rather, in newer versions of RAD IDE the “tool palette page”) on which the Windows Media Player component will be placed in the IDE.(Note, I’m selecting a location within my source code attached directory, so that the sources will be uploaded to my repository for future use and so that I don’t need to run the import wizard again for this component.) On the next page of the wizard, you’re asked if you’d like to create only the source code unit, or if you’d like to install that source code into a package which may be installed into the IDE.You also have the option of adding the component to an existing package.You’re looking for “Windows Media Player” and on my system this appears very close to the bottom of the list. The next page of the wizard asks for information about the Delphi component that will be created.It’s important to understand here that the Delphi component is a wrapper around the Active X component.You’ll likely have to resize the wizard page and adjust the column widths at this point to see everything.Most importantly, stretch open the column named “Description” so that you can see what you’re importing.

Note that Active X has been known as COM, COM , OLE and possibly other names over the years, Microsoft doesn’t seem to have been able to settle on a name for this technology.

The second parameter to alter is the “Unit Dir Name” to specify where the component source code will be placed after it is generated by the wizard.

Select a location on your disk for the source code to be written to, and click next.

The dialog tells you that many component classes have been installed.

What has happened is the Windows Media Player component has been imported as “TWindows Media Player”, but also, several other related components have been imported.

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Go ahead and click “Yes” to import the VCL reference and dismiss the dialog.

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