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I mean, to be fair, it's true to the character of Christian Grey, ie a massive douche-canoe, but still... At this point, I was majorly torn between calling him out, or playing along to see how bad it gets. I wanted to screw with Christian Grey, just not in the way that most of the twenty-two THOUSAND people who like the chatbot's page probably want to. Because, even though it's the most easily found photo on my Facebook page... It was also at this point where my little "project" stopped feeling fun, or even investigative.Then I asked myself what I would actually do in real life, had I the chance to meet Christian Grey and the answer became obvious. So, I replied truthfully: Christian broke character enormously at this point, because if it was a perfect representation of EL James' abomination, he'd have threatened to beat the sarcasm out of me. I mean, if you're using this to get yourself off, knock yourself out, if that's what you need. But when a bot links to your profile picture and tells you you're pretty, it feels slightly invasive and also kind of sad. But my "mission" was never to decide whether or not it's a little sad to be excited that a non-existent billionaire thinks your profile picture is hot. quickly shut down Santa Claus’ Web privileges after it found out the automated elf it created for kids to instant message with was talking naughty, not nice.(MSNBC is a joint Microsoft - NBC Universal venture.) Last year, Microsoft encouraged kids to connect directly to “Santa” by adding to their Windows Live Messenger contact lists.

And so, much like I read the entire Fifty Shades trilogy in order to better critique it, I realised, with horror, that in order to discuss this "Christian Grey Chatbot," I was going to have to... Once I had clicked the dreaded "get started" button, "Christian" immediately messaged me.

You're then treated to a trailer for Fifty Shades Darker and a link to buy tickets pops up. I'm not even above thinking that maybe EL James herself has approved this crap, because God knows, she's approved everything else. But for me, as soon as I started asking questions about him stopping if I said no, or whether he'd ever hurt me in anger and there was no in-built reply for those things, I was out.

Look, if your romantic hero is a guy who creepily tries to possess a woman he's only just met and who famously doesn't like the word "no," it stands to reason that the chatbot version (which exists because I apparently did something awful in a past life) will be equally as creepy and invasive. Sure, the assumption is probably that fans using this wouldn't want to say no and would be desperate for him to be sending messages saying "I want to kiss you...

That's because consent is hard-wired into my circuitry.

Aaaaah, the line I'd read in the article about this chatbot that had made me throw up in my mouth a little.

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One of the publication’s writers replicated the chat Monday.

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