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When he began acting, aged seven, he was fast-tracked as the cerulean-eyed child star of family films such as Flipper, Huck Finn and North.

Fifteen years later he was using his baby blues to creepier effect as a manga-eyed cannibal in Sin City, a rapist in Pawn Shop Chronicles and more recently as a scalp-collecting serial killer in Maniac, which was banned in New Zealand.“It’s certainly ironic and kind of funny,” Woods says of the ban.

It made Thomas famous, enabled him to send money home to his wife Caitlin, and sealed his reputation as a drunken, eccentric, bohemian literary lion.

It is said he made a pass at Marilyn Monroe at a Hollywood party hosted by Charlie Chaplin, and was then asked to leave by Chaplin himself, after the poet used a pot plant as a makeshift toilet.

But he doesn't seem to recognize me from the elevator, a humbling reminder that I was not born to be a movie star.

As we begin, I envision brutal and graphic scenes from the , and we'd love for you to consider playing the killer,'" Wood explains, when asked how he got involved with the project.

The fact that it's a very new take on a genre film is very exciting." With his playing a psychotic killer in , one might believe that Elijah Wood is consciously gravitating toward the dark side.

"I've been a fan of the horror genre forever," Wood shares.

“I was there when I was 18 and left when I was 22, and there will never be an experience quite like it in my life. I kind of grew into being a man.” Famously, Wood didn’t read Lord Of The Rings until after he’d completed the film, and he admits that before Set Fire To The Stars, “I didn’t know anything about Dylan Thomas really, and I hadn’t read any of his work.The idea of playing a character that you never see and the idea of also putting the audience in the very unique position of experiencing what the killer is doing and thinking was a really disturbing and interesting idea." "There is a way to look at from an intellectual perspective," Wood continues, "which is that it's an interesting character study told through the killer's point of view, and that's very exciting from a filmmaker's standpoint.From a genre standpoint, there is also the nerd in me that says, 'Yeah! ' It's incredibly grotesque, and I get to play a villain!, a remake of the 1980 classic cult slasher flick, in which he plays a serial killer stalking, stabbing and scalping an unlucky array of women in modern day Los Angeles.Wood has no idea that I'll momentarily be asking him questions about this unsettling new film and, since we're not alone in the elevator, I'm too shy to blurt out an introduction. Now I'm following Elijah Wood down a hallway, and trailing closely behind him.

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Brinnin wrote an account of their relationship in 1955, which detailed travails including whiskey, onstage breakdowns, bursts of obscenities and fights.

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