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Called It's Just Lunch, it fixes up clients for lunch dates at Manhattan restaurants, where the service makes reservations in first names.

'A Very Civilized Way' "It's just a very civilized way to meet another person," said Andrea Mc Ginty, one of the service's two founders.

They find them more alienated, less willing to look you in the eye.

Many are demanding: a 50-year-old male atheist wanted only female atheists in their 30's.

"Time seems more important to New Yorkers," said Ms. A Peculiar Industry The International Society of Introduction Services, based in San Francisco, counts at least 2,000 such businesses and says more are sprouting weekly.

But this is a peculiar industry, what with output measured in wedding bands.

Last year it was ordered to make refunds to all its customers for the previous six years.

Even finding an office was tough because landlords suspected It's Just Lunch was an escort service. Mc Ginty and her partner, Margaret Kunkler, the trickiest part has been New Yorkers themselves.Her enterprise transcends simply linking seemingly like-minded people. She charges 0 for matchmaking, New York State's old maximum fee, and around ,000 for allied consulting services.She prowls charity events, academic seminars and private parties in pursuit of someone who seems right for a client. In her two years in business, three of her couples have married."I'm having such a good time doing this now," he said.The service he chose is new in town and built around the idea of reducing risk in one of life's riskiest games by keeping the meeting to a short time span in an unthreatening environment.

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Besides giving users the right to a full refund for three days after signing up, it limits a service's charges to $500 for six-month periods.

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