Politics and dating

POF surveyed over 7,000 singles in early April to gauge the temperature of the dating scene during these super polarizing times.

Among the respondents, there was a nearly even split between Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

‘It sounds terrible but I’d assume they were narrow minded – maybe even a fantasist!

Someone who’d drink green tea all day, be surrounded by cats and have smelly socks!

But in the current political climate, divisions are deeper than ever and uttering the word ‘Brexit’ can spark heated debate.

A recent survey, conducted by e Harmony, found that political divisions led to the breakdown of 2.7 million UK relationships last year.

Brexit had a similar impact; the vote led 1.6 million Brits to either split up with their partner or not pursue a date.

The vast differences between each side means that your views say more about your own values and personality traits than you might expect.

And, as e Harmony research proves, people with opposing outlooks on life rarely form happy, long-lasting relationships.

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  1. Generally, he says relationships tend to last when your partner can pick up your cues and respond to them."People become attractive to us in the longer term when they resonate with us emotionally.