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Black bears are one of Wyoming’s two native bear species, and unlike their name suggests, they’re not always black.

Their colors range from blond to cinnamon to jet black, often leading people to confuse them with the much larger grizzly bear.

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The tracks were later relocated, leaving the monument as a reminder of the railroad's importance in American history.

Atlantic City sprung up along South Pass in 1868 with promises of fortune from the gold rush.

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But this 120,000-acre park near Lovell is no less spectacular.

Bighorn Canyon stretches for 55 winding miles, and the cliffs over Bighorn Lake loom as high as 1,000 feet.

The granite pyramid rises from a stretch of plains east of Laramie. It memorializes Oakes and Oliver Ames, brothers who played important roles in the construction of the country's first transcontinental railroad, according to a historic marker at the monument's base.

Sixty feet in height, it appears as an unusual sentinel amid the barren surroundings. The pyramid marks the highest point on the original rail route.

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