Updating rear end in 1937 chevy truck

In fact, the truck is so original, it still maintains its stock suspension system, original 216ci engine, which was new for the 1937 model year, and drivetrain.

As Jacobs told us, even things as simple as the bolts that hold the paneling together on the insides of the doors are original, just cleaned up and put back the way Chevy intended.

Not as in jack of all trades, but rather as in Jack Daniel’s. Well, Jacobs decided to include two Jack Daniel’s barrels in the rear of his pickup truck for something a bit out of the ordinary.

Something a bit different and vintage looking, the barrels are actually relatively new, just stained to look like they belong in the back of the vintage truck.

And no, there isn’t whiskey still in the barrels, a question that Jacobs gets asked on a regular basis, including once or twice during our shoot.

Brand Spankin’ Old Ironically enough, the Jack Daniel’s barrels in the back of the truck are about the only things not factory correct, or close to it, on Jacobs’ truck.

Perks of the Chevy half-ton pickups included the inclusion of spare tires and a rather amazing mpg rating demonstrated by the AAA Nationwide Safety and Economy Test in which a 1937 Chevy half-ton was loaded down with 1,060lbs of cargo and sent on a cross country trip.

On that trip, the truck averaged 20.74 miles per gallon- rather remarkable for the 1930s. A Passion Set in the Classic Years While Jacobs is far too young to remember the 1937 pickup truck when it first came out (he was born some 30 years too late), the appeal of owning one has been with him for a very long time.

From Farm Machine to a Streamlined Dream By the mid 1930s, pickup trucks were a staple in communities all across the country.

“This truck has to be one of the most original pickups out there,” Jacobs told us.

And whatever is not original is made the good old fashioned way to make up for it.

In addition to a larger displacement, which the 216ci engine achieved with a 3.5-inch bore and a 3.75-inch stroke, the new straight-six offered a compression ratio of 6.25:1 as well as an upgraded horsepower rating of 85bhp.

However, trucks with the 216ci engine were only rated at 78bhp at 3,200RPM with a torque rating of 170lb-ft of torque between 850RPM and 1550RPM.

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Often times we find classic cars and trucks chopped to death all in pursuit of a certain look.

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