Updating xml using dom in java

Almost two years ago, I wrote a blog with code (found here) that parsed XML easily using the Apache Xerces DOM parser.

In the blog, I wrote some helper methods to locate XML elements and return their values in a less verbose way.

You may also view this list in XML, DAML and OWL formats or using Spectacle.

A wishlist of desired tools is also being maintained.

This proved to be one of my most popular blog entries to date.

However, one reader commented that it would be nice to add helper methods to easily create or modify XML, not just parse it. I've added two new helper methods to the code I presented last time: The code works by first locating the specified node within the list of nodes provided.

Then you can just select any item you want from the elements and the nodes list and change their values.

With this tutorial we shall show you you can read and modify the contents of an XML File using a DOM parser. You read the XML File and use a DOM parser to parse it and construct the DOM object in the memory. XPath x Path = XPath Instance()XPath(); Node start Date Node = (Node) x Path.compile("/data/startdate").evaluate(doc, XPath Constants. We can add elements, remove elements, edit element values, edit attributes in an XML document in java using DOM Parser. We will learn how to modify or edit this XML file in java program using DOM parser. XML tags are case sensitive and must be completely nested. Write the whole data on a file using Transformer class.

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