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An overview of the architecture, with a view to producing customised versions is also provided.

This paper provides an introduction to Schematron; an innovative XML validation language developed by Rick Jelliffe.

Now, you can troubleshoot your manifest directly from a command prompt or Terminal.

The Office Add-in Validator highlights the errors in your manifest and provides links to documentation to help you address them.

The initial section of this paper conducts a brief overview of tree pattern validation, and some of the advantages it has in comparison to a regular grammar approach.

This is followed by an outline of Schematron and the intended uses which have guided its design.

Less formally, schemas are constructed by defining parent-child and sibling relationships [Jelliffe1999a]. However this means that DTDs, and similar derivatives, are unable to define (and hence constrain) the other kinds of relationships that exist amongst markup elements within a document.

This paper introduces the Schematron language and the available implementations.The validator also highlights the Office hosts that your add-in can run on.We recommend testing your add-in on these platforms before you submit it to the Office Store.This innovation stems from selecting an alternative approach to validation than existing schema languages: Schematron uses a tree pattern based paradigm, rather than the regular grammars used in DTDs and XML schemas.As an extensible, easy to use, open source tool Schematron is an extremely useful addition to the XML developers toolkit.

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