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As we're finishing our meal, a middle-aged woman with a faux Brit accent comes over and leans into Charlie. "Okay, then," says Roberta, hopes dashed, exiting quickly in her clackclack heels, "it was so good to meet you! has the most earnest, essential public-affairs show on the air right now.For 18 years and with roughly 6,500 guests, PBS's hourlong Charlie Rose has been a salon for extended, thoughtful, civil conversation about politics, culture, business, science, medicine, technology, literature, media, law, education, and any other topic that the host chooses to explore.(O'Donnell remains under a long-term contract, and her deal did not come due at the same time as Rose and King's deals did.) A spokeswoman for the morning show declined to comment.

As the show began, the two anchors soberly took turns addressing the news about Rose, repeatedly praising the women who came forward with their stories about Rose’s unwanted sexual advances in a article.

Their contract renewals are noteworthy because "CBS This Morning" could have been a flop, just the latest in a string of 7 a.m. CBS has long tried -- and failed -- to compete with NBC's "Today" and ABC's "Good Morning America." But in 2012 the network tried something else.

It tried a harder-hitting newscast than "Today" or "G. A.," one that prioritized interviews over typical network morning fare like cooking segments.

-- and enjoys bumming rides on the private jets of friends, Rose has sacrificed to reach the media pinnacle.

He turned down a chance to work full-time for 60 Minutes, and he quit a job with Rupert Murdoch.

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In 2007, when he wanted Bill Clinton on to talk about the presidential campaign, Clinton's staff offered 20 minutes in Clinton's office.

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