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She felt betrayed by her sister when she learned of the proposal.

Ashley went away to a cabin to sort out her feelings, and wound up marrying old love Victor.

Cassandra Rawlins told Brad he had willingly participated in the wedding but he was concerned about missing a date with Traci Abbott due to the snowstorm canceling flights.

When they returned to Genoa City he was CEO at Ra-Tech as well as holding onto his job at Newman Enterprises out of loyalty to ex-father-in-law John Abbott.

Brad and Cassandra had an amicable divorce but, on her way to see Paul Williams after signing the divorce papers, Cassandra was hit by a truck and killed.Furious, his attitude was evident at work, where Victor ordered him to snap out of it or find another job.Brad accepted Cassandra's offer, and to work out the details, agreed to go skiing with her in Aspen. The next day, a groggy Brad woke up...married to Cassandra!Everyone thought Paul had inherited her money, but the judge died before he could sign the divorce papers so Brad inherited her VERY sizable estate incluing the house which he promptly renamed Carlton Manor.Traci and Brad grew close again but Ashley Abbott used him as a shoulder to cry on for her marital problems.

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