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You take these back to the farmacia where you purchased them together with the bill and the labels on the medicines cardboard container, the pharmacist will then give you a refund.You must save the container that medicines or tablets came in, these contain the labels the chemist needs to get paid for the prescription. If you are not covered under the health service you will find that most drugs are far cheaper than in England.

If you have no friend who speaks Spanish the book can be a great help.

This is the same office you go to for authorisation of special drugs requested for you by your doctor.

In Gandia I found them most efficient, helpful and with a good understanding of English.

Finding a doctor who speaks English in your district is not always easy, although they appear to be more numerous in the Hospital Casualty Service than general practice.

Ideally take along a friend with a knowledge of Spanish.

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They are most helpful and you will always see a doctor fairly promptly.

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