Youtube updating favorites problems

Users who have multiple complaints against them can be banned from the platform entirely.

Second, there's the nearly decade-old tool called Content ID, which allows the rights holders to manage their content more directly.

Most people turn to Netflix to binge watch full seasons of a single TV show, but there could be a much cheaper way: You Tube. Perhaps the most shocking thing about these free (and very illegal) TV live streams might even make their way into your suggested video queue, if you watch enough "random shit" and Bobby Hill quote compilations on the site, as He first noticed the surprisingly high number of illegal TV streaming accounts on his You Tube homepage, which has tailored recommended videos based on his viewing habits.

You might be surprised to learn that you can watch full episodes of popular TV shows on You Tube for free, thanks to a large number of rogue accounts that are hosting illegal live streams of shows. Personalized recommendations aren't exactly new — but the number of illegal live streams broadcasting copyrighted material on a loop was a shocker.

You Tube does its best to make it easy for people to report illegal copyright streams, which could be why the accounts are so often wiped from the site.First, copyright holders can formally notify You Tube that they believe their materials are being improperly hosted.You Tube then reviews the offending content, and pulls it down if it's found to be infringing the copyright.The audiences watching these channels are actually pretty small compared to other popular channels, too.The largest number of viewers we witnessed was just over a thousand, while many streams had only a few dozen people tuned in at any given time.

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